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Innovative Tool provides world-class manufacturing services and products for the prototype and short-run production industries with the flexibility to react quickly to opportunities.

We are committed to meeting customer requirements and to continually improve the value and efficiency of our processes, the effectiveness of our quality management systems and the reliability of our organization.


Innovative Solutions for Manufacturing

Innovative Tool, Inc. is a manufacturer of prototype and short-run production stampings, plastic injection/blow molds, plastic components, and provides CNC machining, milling and turning services for the automotive, aerospace, military and other industries.


We specialize in cutting and forming various types of stocks and materials to produce tooling, molds, fixtures, gages, check-aids, models, parts and components for prototype and short-run production.

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We can take your project from concept to finished product, or select a specific service we can assist you in.

Innovative Tool provides reliable, fast, and quality products and services.

In the race for high quality prototypes in a global market place there is no finish line.