NC Machining & Milling



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Innovative Tool provides world-class manufacturing services and products for the prototype and short-run production industries with the flexibility to react quickly to opportunities.

We are committed to meeting customer requirements and to continually improve the value and efficiency of our processes, the effectiveness of our quality management systems and the reliability of our organization.



NC Machining & Milling

    Specializing in cutting molds, stamping and form dies, models, gages, check-aids, and fixtures made of steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, foam, wood and composite materials.  We have the capability and experience to billet machine components for any industry.  

Stamping Die Machined From Zinc Alloy



  • Fadal VMC 8030(3 axis)
    80” x 30” table size
  • Fadal VMC 6030 (3 axis)
    60” x 30” table size
  • Fadal VMC 4020 (3 axis)
    40” x 20” table size
  • Fadal VMC 3016 (3 axis)
    30” x 16” table size
  • Hurco VMX 42 (3 axis)
    42” x 42” machining window





Billet Machining    






Models, Check-aids and Fixtures



Fixture Cut From Steel