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Innovative Tool provides world-class manufacturing services and products for the prototype and short-run production industries with the flexibility to react quickly to opportunities.

We are committed to meeting customer requirements and to continually improve the value and efficiency of our processes, the effectiveness of our quality management systems and the reliability of our organization.



Prototype & Short-Run Production Stampings & Assemblies


    Our organization has the experience, knowledge and technology to manufacture individual components to multi-part assemblies.


We have the capability to stamp and form sheet-metal components from one inch to seventy-two inches in size and specialize in quantities of one piece prototypes to a few thousand for short-run production.


Serving the automotive, automotive aftermarket, aerospace, marine, and other industries were sheet-metal stampings are required.

Hydraulic and Mechanical Presses

    See our NC turning page for prototype fasteners.
  • Hydraulic 550 ton press with 74” x 74” bed
  • Hydraulic 500 ton press with 36” x 36” bed
  • Hydraulic 350 ton press with 48” x 48” bed
  • Hydraulic 200 ton press with 50” x 33” bed
  • 3 Hydraulic 50 ton presses
  • Mechanical 350 ton press with 40” x 46” bed
  • Mechanical 150 ton press with 40” x 60” bed
  • 2 - 8’ Press brakes 60 ton


Prototype seat pans

Prototype Seat Pans, Rails, Levers, and Brackets

Prototype Brackets


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